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Our charity help those people who have no hope

Syring Pump

Argus - Swiss
9 syringes of pediatric ICU at Mabarra Maadi Hospital

* The amount shown is the cost of one syringe

6327.000 / 18000.00 EGP


Laryngoscopy, NICU unit, children's hospital.

7845.000 / 9500.00 EGP

Nurturing and discovering talents

Working on discovering the talents of the children of the poor and orphans and providing a positive atmosphere to nurture their talents in the required manner to direct the children’s passion...

150.000 / 15000.00 EGP


We offers services aiming to pear to the voice for children and gather for support. Please update with our services and confirm you presence

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Children Eg. foundation participate in the Civil Society Championship for the year 2022

Yesterday, Friday, the 15th of this month, the opening ceremony of the Civil Society Championship for 2022, which was organized by the Voluntary Work Ambassadors Foundation for Sustainable Developm...


Express your child's behavior in a positive way

Parents and teachers often wonder how to discipline a child with behavior problems. Some children truly have challenging behaviors regardless of what strategies we try. However, many children...